Which tools do I need to apply the wall decal?
  1. A ruler and pencil
  2. A spirit level
  3. A squeegee/ credit card to attach decal to wall
  4. Some tape
  5. An extra hand would be ideal
  6. Patience
How do I apply the decal?

Application layer = front layer
Backing layer = back layer
Decal = the whole thing

NOTE: If the artwork comes with the top [application] layer attached to the decal, you can ignore step 4.
If the application layer is separate to the artwork, then you will need to include step 4 in your application method.


  1. Clean the surface from dust, dirt and moisture, ensuring the surface is completely dry, clean and flat.
  2. Trial the decal on the surface, by keeping all the layers on, and just taping the top of the decal to the surface. Step back, and see if it’s straight and it fits.
  3. Once you are happy to put the decal there, make a light pencil line on the wall, in line with the top of the decal. This is now your guide to sticking the decal on the wall.
  4. [Only use this step if the application layer comes detached from the artwork] Slowly peel the application layer from paper it comes attached to, then apply it on top of the artwork. Ensure it is applied well, and free from any air bubbles.
    The decal should now be in 3 layers, the backing layer, the artwork, and the newly applied application layer.
  5. Carefully, tape the corners of the decal onto the wall, a tape across the middle horizontally, and allow the decal to sit. Slowly remove the top 2 corner tapes, and as you do so, the decal will hang, resting on the middle tape. Carefully, remove the top half of the backing from the decal, so the artwork hangs with the application layer. Cut the backing off, getting as close to the middle tape as possible. Now apply the application layer and artwork onto the wall, and use the credit card/squeegee to press it in, ensuring no air bubbles are left behind. The top half of the decal should be attached to the wall, with the application layer still attached to the artwork.
  6. Now, repeat the steps shown above, for the bottom half of the decal. Remove the 2 bottom corner tapes, raise the decal up, and peel the remaining backing. Keep the middle tape in place! Now apply the application layer and artwork onto the wall, squeezing it in well. Now remove the tape from the middle.
  7. Now you only have the self-adhesive top layer layered above the artwork, which should be stuck to the wall. Press the decal onto the wall including the front cover, using the card/squeegee, ensuring you remove all air bubbles to the sides/corners. Leave the decal to sit on the wall for a few minutes.
  8. Now comes the time to remove the application [top] layer. Being very patient and careful, start from the top, working downwards, middle to the sides. If a part of the artwork peels off with the application layer, stop, reapply it to the wall, and remove again slowly.
Are there any Do's and Don'ts when applying the decal?
  • Do… be patient
  • Do… use a spirit level to ensure your decal is straight
  • Do… look for tips and tricks online to help
  • Do… get in touch if you are struggling


  • Don’t… peel the layers too fast. You risk peeling the paint off with the backing
  • Don’t… forget to clean the surface beforehand
  • Don’t… try to apply it freehand. Use a ruler, spirit level and pencil to ensure the decal is straight

Arabic Wall Art assume no responsibility for any damage caused, in the event that instructions are not clearly followed.

Adapted from: https://www.iconwallstickers.co.uk/blog/how-to-apply-your-wall-stickers. 

How do I remove the decal?

To remove our wall decals simply heat them gently using a hair dryer, this will then allow you to slowly peel them from the wall. Due to the high quality of materials that we use this process should leave no residue or other signs that a wall sticker has been removed.

Follow this simple step by step process to removing your wall art:

Firstly start by pulling away at a corner, if the decal hasn’t been on the wall for a long period of time you should be able to – slowly and gently – pull it off with no fuss. If your decal has been up for a number of years, this may take a little more time and you will need to follow the next few steps.

If you have access to a hairdryer then simply apply the heat in the area you want to remove first. This will not only loosen the adhesive but you should also be able to start gently peeling away at the sticker.

Once working down the whole sticker and discarding the used vinyl you should be left with the blank canvas you started with. Perhaps you are applying a newer decal or just painting the wall!

Safety When Removing Wall Stickers

Please keep in mind that although the hairdryer is a household item, if the heat source is held too close to the sicker the vinyl can get very hot very quickly and we wouldn’t want you to burn yourself.

Tips For Removing Wall Stickers

Please remember to always remove the wall sticker slowly and gently, no matter how long it has been on the wall for. If you use a fast ripping motion there is a chance that you can peel off paint and damage the surface underneath.

In the rare off chance that your sticker has left a residue – this can happen if the sticker was heated up too much – then all you have to do is simply wipe away. Some people find it easier to heat the left over residue up first then you are able to roll it into a ball like it were blue tack!

Adapted from: https://www.iconwallstickers.co.uk/blog/removable-wall-stickers

What are the delivery charges?

Delivery is with Royal Mail 48, and has a flat charge of £4.99

Please allow up to 3-5 working days for delivery.

What is the returns policy?

If the packaging tube has been opened, and the decal has not been tampered with, we can accept returns within a 28 day period. Please contact us at sales@arabicwallart.co.uk, or on 07597841840. You will be responsible for the cost of returning the package. Once we receive the decal, and ensure it is resalable, then we will be more than happy process a refund.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the decals, once the backing or application layers have been removed, they can never be re-used. Once any layer has been removed, we are unable to accept returns, and process refunds.

What if I need help applying it?

If you require one of the team to pop down and help out, we can travel in and around Gloucester. There will be a total call-out and labour charge of £10 if we are required to fit it ourselves.

We do believe, if the instructions are followed, and you watch a tutorial video online, it is simple enough to do yourself. If you do require one of the team, please contact us at sales@arabicwallart.co.uk, or on 07597841840 with the following details:

  1. Order No.
  2. Name
  3. Address
  4. Product No.
Where can it be applied?

Once you have chosen the decal you prefer, make sure it is the correct size and suits the décor of the room! Find a flat surface on which you would like to apply the decal, again ensuring the decal fits on the surface.

You will need to ensure the surface is clean, dry, flat and free from dust and moisture before applying the decal. Sometimes the decal wont always stick properly on silk walls. Do not place on an area with direct heat.

A word of note: Due to the nature of the artwork, many of which contain Allah’s name, or an ayah of the Holy Qur’an, we suggest the decal is placed in an appropriate place, away from bathrooms and home cinemas, etc.

Can I make a custom order?

Yes, of course!

Please visit https://arabicwallart.co.uk/custom-orders/ for more details.

If you do not have a design to upload, send us your requirements, and we will pass it over to our designers. An extra cost will apply!

If I live in Gloucester, can I pick up from a location?

Yes, of course. Please contact us, and we will provide a pick-up point. Please bring cash to pay for the decal.